Treatments for Gastritis

By | December 5, 2016

Health tipsAs it is known that gastritis becomes one of the diseases that commonly had by people. The bad habit of them today not to eat in the right time or eating unhealthy food will be the common cause why this disease caused many problems for the health. As it is known that the condition of gastritis should be given the best treatment in order that all the patients will have a better condition.

Moreover, for you who are curious about how to treat this disease, here are some things which you can do as in the following passage.

  1. Taking antacids

The first thing that you can do is you must take antacids in order to reduce the level of the stomach acid to be normal again. It can be done since you will not feel the burning feeling when gastritis comes.

  1. Avoiding spicy foods

For the next treatment which can be done is you avoid the spicy food. In this case, the spicy food usually will cause a worse condition of gastritis so that all the sufferers must avoid this kind of food.

  1. Eliminating irritating food

Meanwhile, the third thing which you can do in treating gastritis is by eliminating irritating food. The food like lactose maybe can cause the symptoms of this disease. That is why, eliminating this food from your diet becomes the best thing to do.

  1. Giving B12 vitamin shots

If this disease is caused by anemia, in this case, is pernicious anemia, the doctors will give you the shot of B12 vitamin. Here, it helps your body to solve the anemia problem which can lead to gastritis.

  1. Giving antibiotics

Moreover, if this disease is caused by the infection of H. pylori, giving the antibiotics becomes the best way to be done.

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