Top Best Ubudspa To Retreat In Bali

By | December 16, 2016

ubudspaWhen you come to Ubud, Bali, you may find that there is a spa in every corner of this region. Well, Ubudspa can be considered as the best spa in Bali. However, there are many options when you just one to try one of them. In some cases, it can be good to have so many available choices, but in another way, it is not that good since it may bring us to feel confused about the choice. To help you decide the choice, here are some recommended spas in Ubud to retreat yourself.

Top Best Ubudspa To Retreat In Bali

The first place that you can visit when it comes to a spa in Ubud is Puli Wulandari. Located in a lovely valley named Ayung in Ubud, this place is a perfect setting to get relax and retreat when you are in Bali. You can experience traditional Indonesian spa treatments in this Ubudspa. The second place to visit in Ubud is Pita Maha. Even though looks like a small resort, this place is a good place when you want to experience spa treatments from Ubud’s royal family. You can also try Javanese massage treatment once you are here.

Furthermore, there is also The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah that you can try when you are craving for a spa in Ubud. Here, you can see collections of sculpture and fine art as you get relaxing treatments. Among the best treatments, it offers, you should try the Chedi Jade Massage which is a four-hand massaging using Balinese, shiatsu, Thai and Swedish technique. Then, you can also consider Maya Ubud when you want to experience herbal scrub and massage with cloves and cinnamon. This place will be good for you to distress and retreat. That’s all some best Ubudspa to retreat in Bali.

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