Think of Other People, People

By | November 28, 2016

Health lifeYour body is yours, surely. You want to do anything to your body is no other people’s problem. However, if you start to bother other’s health with your habit, it will be the big problem for other people. What can it be? It can be your way of living such as smoking. Smoking is legal in many countries; but, you should understand that many people do not smoke like you did. You can smoke anywhere but respect the people that are healthy.

The smoke of cigarette is more dangerous than the cigarette itself. Think about this: you smoke than a person beside you who does not smoke heals the smoke from your cigarette. What will happen? He or she will get the worst effect of your cigarette than yours. Do not you pity of that person? You know that lungs are important just like your heart and your brain. Then, a cigarette makes them sick. You already know that too. You should stop smoking; however, you do not want to. It is your best choice so far. Thus, do not give that choice to other people that do not take the choice, please.

You can still smoke in the special room, in your own bedroom maybe. It will be better than make other people sick slowly. People will not get in a big trouble if the smokers know where they should smoke. At least, do not smoke near old people, women that are not smoking or children. Their body parts are important just like yours, guys. If you know that smoking is not good for your or even people around you, you should just quit. However, it is still all your decision. Your body is yours; then, people’s bodies are theirs. Think about other people, smoker. Hope will know the right place to smoke.

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