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Clash of Clans Tricks and Cheats

gemme gratuitClash of Clans is the real game that every gamer should at least try it once. Coming as a strategy and simulation game, this game allows the player to build and expand their own village to create the most powerful defenses and warriors. Developing by Supercell, this game is certainly a perfect one to kill your time when you do not know what to do. To get such a great time playing this game, tricks and cheats below may help you improve your quality of playing this game.

Tricks and Cheats Clash of Clans

Whether you like it or not, it is not impossible that your enemy attacked when you are away or when your shield is not that good. Even though it is not impossible to find this condition, it is still a rare chance when it comes to Clash of Clans. When you meet this opportunity, choose to “Revenge” is the best idea. Attacking your enemy back be advantageous for you since you can examine your enemy’s village before you attack them. By doing so, you will be able to create the best strategy to attack them. Do not forget to check their storages as well as their Town Hall location.

Another trick that you can count on when playing this game is reaching 3 stars to get 450 gems for free. It is not a secret since every player must know about it. However, people tend to think that it is difficult to gain 3 stars. Then, that would be a secret is the way to achieve 3 stars in this game. Well, to gain stars you can search for villages that have Town Hall outside the walls. Take out this building and you will get a star and several trophies that you dream of. Need another tricks and cheats? Click http://donatienastuce.com and find more!