The Story Behind Starbucks Near Me Now

By | December 15, 2016

starbucks near me nowWhen people talk about the coffee spot, it is not debatable anymore that anyone will pleasure to recommend Starbucks as their first choice. Not only offer good ambiance, it also provides the customers with the premium quality of roasted coffee. Nowadays, there are many coffee shop spots around the society, but still, Starbucks wins the heart of loyal customers. There would be no difficulties anymore to find one spot of this no matter in the shopping center, airport, or even at the train station. It such as Starbucks near me now becomes a phenomenon.

The Little Story Behind Starbucks Near Me Now

Starbucks is originally from Seattle, Washington, US. At first opened, it was a small coffee shop where hot coffee roasted sold, they did not sell a coffee in the drink. The founder is three English teachers named Jerry Baldwin, History teacher: Zev Siegl, and a writer: Gordon Bowker. Today, as their slogan that everyone could say Starbucks near me now, the shops are spread into sixty-one countries in six continents where totally has more than twenty thousand coffee shops. Their business develops in very fast.

On the other hand, around 2000, the company starts improving the marketing strategic to support the slogan of Starbucks near me now. My Starbucks Idea, a community web that established to collect suggestions and feedback from customers to customers. Besides that, they also offer Starbucks Card, an exclusive card for loyal customers that totally banded with other features such as a free hot spot in certain areas, free charge for soy milk, and free refill once they enter the shops. This method basically made to create a public communication between the company and the customers. Once they know the basic needs of the customers, they will do several efforts to fulfill the dreams beyond the expectations.


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