I Remember All the Burger Places Near Me

By | November 22, 2016

burger places near meWho doesn’t know burger? Everyone likes burger unless you are a vegetarian. Well, nowadays there is a burger made for vegetarians, everything in there is meat-free. What a time to be alive. For someone who loves the burger, I have known all burger places near me. It’s safely saved in my brain memory. I want to try this so-called vegetarian burger or also known as veggie-burger.

Vegetarian Burger Places Near Me

All veggie-burger composition is from the vegetable. Of course, duh. The “meat” inside was made from mushrooms, flours, eggs, peanuts, and others ingredient that is healthy and good for your body. But sadly, there are no burger places near me that selling them. Well, not yet. I hope it will be soon for them to start selling the veggie-burger. I want to have a taste! For your information, this kind of burger has so many vitamins in them, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 and many others vitamin. If you guys want to taste that, just like me, maybe you can make it yourself, but for me, it is kind of impossible because I’m so bad at cooking. The only things I can cook properly is an instant noodle. Bad, isn’t it? But if you guys want to try, go ahead, you can just browse the full receipt on the internet. There is plenty of it.

The veggie-burger are being made in 1982 in London, but people only get the hype about it recently. Approximately 5 years ago. As campaigns for a healthier life is everywhere. Go grab your veggie-burger in places near you! As I waited patiently to grab my vegetarian burger places near me. I bet its taste as amazing as the normal burger is! And the plus point is; it is so much healthier!

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