Parkinson Disease’s Secondary Symptoms

By | December 16, 2016

Health careDo you know what Parkinson is? It is actually a disease which is known as “shaking palsy”. As its name, this disease causes the sufferers having a shaking hand. In this case, the damage of the brain cells has affected the movement and muscle of the sufferers so that the loss movements will the loss of control. Actually, Parkinson has been found sine a long time ago in which Indian civilization call it as Kampavata. Usually, this kind of the disease attacks old people about 60 years old. That is why it is rarely to be found that the sufferers are the young people.

Moreover, to know more about this disease, there are several symptoms which you have to know. In this case, there are primary and secondary symptoms. In the primary symptoms, it usually occurs to all of the Parkinson sufferers such as tremor, slowness and much more. Meanwhile, there is also the secondary symptoms too. Thus, what are the secondary symptoms of Parkinson? For those who want to know more about the secondary symptoms of Parkinson? The following explanation is the answer to the question above.

For the first one is that the sufferers will get anxiety, stress, and insecurity. The psychological symptoms here actually are common be found. Besides, since the disease relating to the damage of brain cells, there are memory loss, confusion and also dementia. For dementia, it is more common happened to elderly sufferers. Furthermore, constipation and depression are commonly occurred as well. Therefore, we can see that the sufferers get depression caused by this disease. Then, the next secondary symptoms which can happen toward the sufferers are the difficulty in swallowing or maybe excessive salivation. Also, the other secondary symptoms of this Parkinson disease are increased sweating, skin problems, and much more.

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