Interesting Spots in Bali Using Bali Driver

By | November 28, 2016

bali driverBali is located in the east of Java Island. Bali is very famous places in around the world. It is well-known with the beauty of the city and the natural beauty there. Also, Bali is well-known with the unique and interesting place. There are so many place destinations that you should come.

4 Famous Spots in Bali Driver

Kuta beach is a very popular beach in Bali. The location is near with the airport. In addition, we can go there with the cheap price. The waves are very suitable for the newbie of surfer. If we go to the Kuta beach, we can see the scenery of the sunset which is very beautiful. The Kuta beach is very popular because it has beautiful scenery and white sand. The facility in Kuta beach is very various so it makes the Kuta beach is the top spot in Bali Island.

Another Place that you can go in Bali is Tanah Lot. Tanah lot is a very famous spot with the beautiful and natural scenery. We can also see the beauty of sunset there. Tanah Lot is unique because it is placed on the edge of the coral. Tanah lot is consisting of 2 temples to worship beach gods. If you are lucky you can see some beach snakes. The snake is not dangerous and tame. You can touch the snake. Also, you can visit Padang beach. Padang beach is not famous compare with Kuta beach. However, this beach is unique and beautiful. This is a small beach with beautiful view. This beach is not popular for the resident in Bali but it is famous for the foreigner. To reach Padang beach, we must pass stair. The last recommended place in Bali is Beratan Bedugul Lake. The location of the lake is on a mountain. The situation is very refreshing our mind. In the lake, we can see a temple called Pura Ulun. To have guaranteed tour guide you can visit

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