Honda Civic Car Review Sites

By | November 15, 2016

car review sitesThis is Honda Civic car review sites. Honda Civic FD1 / FD2 has a striking impression as well as a sporty design, it was no doubt when teenagers or young exclusive Honda Car output chose as his vehicle. What is even more interesting in the hearts of students is very minimal maintenance as well as a hefty fuel efficient so as not to drain the wallet.

Advantages and Disadvantages Honda Civic FD1/FD2 Car Review Sites

Introduction in car review sites of Honda Civic FD was first in Indonesia in 2006 using the 1.8-liter engine variants for fd1 and 2.0 liters for FD2. For the first time that two platforms of different created (one for European models Hatchback and one for the whole world coupe and sedan), the difference between them is in the rear suspension where for European models use a simple suspension taken from the Honda Jazz and the non-Europeans have a choice 2-door or 4-door with the use of better suspension.

On the exterior Honda Civic FD using aerodynamic design, it is visible from the lines and grooves on the outer body. All models of the Civic FD using the front bumper that is able to reduce air circulation near the machine. As a result, the front has short overhangs and next to its looks slimmer. In the cabin contained in Interior Honda, Civic FD looks very attractive, using high-tech and futuristic style. There is plenty of storage space in the cabin as well as the measuring instrument is designed using two levels: one for the speedometer and one for the tachometer. At the techno meter is using a conventional long hand and the speedometer is using digital and bar graph fuel. It is very impressive is the instrument cannot be reached by sun exposure so it does not dazzle. Hopefully, this car review sites can help you to know this car.

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