Health Care in Developed & Developing Country

By | December 13, 2016

Health careCongratulation for you guys whose their country is fully-developed. Does everything come in handy right? Including health care. But, United States of America still not providing Universal health care amongst other developed country. Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are in full force. In some of the developed country, you can get free health care for the rest of your life. How lucky! While in developing country such as where I live now, people are struggling to have a decent health care. Only the rich have full access for this. But I believe that our government and international organization are alongside working for this. Always complaining won’t solve the problem, don’t you guys agree?

The developing country such as Indonesia, Malaysia, India and others country that I can’t mention one by one are already signing WHO papers, I hope it will take some effect in our medical matters. Let’s never stop believing. As common knowledge, developing countries are having more health issue than developed ones. We have bad water sanitation, which is becoming the roots of all health issue. Water is such a number one necessity, who doesn’t use water?

Everyone use it. In developed countries, they can drink the tap water, its show us how great their water sanitation is, meanwhile if you drink tap water from a developed country, you are most likely to have diarrhea right away. A really major different. Another killer machine in developing countries is Malaria. It kills over 1.2 million people annually. Besides water, our air is bad too. It’s being polluted too much by vehicle, factory, and energy production that kills approximately 800k people every year.  Definitely not a small number. Let’s try to keep healthy everyone, starting from our self, maybe we can change the world. And stay healthy! Being sick cost us a lot!

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