Google Drive IT Tutorial

By | November 21, 2016

yunarwinardi.comGoogle Drive is a service from Google. Inc. based cloud to store and edit files. There are some files that are supported by default to be directly edited from google drives like Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Form, Drawing, and Map. By the help of Add-On, we can also edit other files directly such as script programming language.

How to Share Google Drive IT Tutorial

You must visit and go to the address of the web browser. You must log in using your Gmail username and password. In the folder / file, you want to share right-click on the name of the folder / file, select Share. Enter your user email address you want to share. The user suggested also using Gmail, or email integrated with google apps. It can also share it to the email address instead of Gmail, but its features will be limited only view and download only (cannot edit).You can also add notes / description, which this note will appear on mail notification to the user. You can also add more than one mail account to share. Click send when ready.

Besides the features file sharing via mail account, Google Drive also features file sharing via the link. This is done if a user who wants us to not have a mail account or the user does not want to give his mail accounts (perhaps because of privacy), thus sharing options via the link can be used. Follow the procedures. Click on “Get Shareable Link / Get shareable link” with the icon such as chains, set its permissions if “Can Edit” or “Can View”, then copy the link and save it or share directly to the intended user. If you have already click done. If the link is too long, you can use a shortened link shortened services like google URL shortened (, paste the link from its Drive then click shorten URL, and then you will get a shorter link. To more tutorials, you can visit

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