Full Body Silicone Baby As Human’s Invention

By | November 28, 2016

full body silicone babyNowadays, technology becomes borderless. As people, can see around them there are lots of new products that content the latest technology. Full body silicone baby is an example of advanced technology which the body looks very similar with the real one. It has two genders, possess equal size with real baby and covered by various skin tones. The material is also premium that ease people handling it, no matter the kids, teenagers, or adult. So, that is why the invention declared as one of the most phenomenal invention in the entire human life.

The Polemic Of Full Body Silicone Baby

As the newest invention at this modern technology, automatically there are two groups or panelists. One side pro with this availability whereas on the other side has the contra response. It is not debatable that full body silicone baby is useful as an object of experiment. It means it ease the life of people. Moreover, in nursery, this invention could be used as the role model or simulation in baby handling. In short, it helps people in learning baby sit activities such as taking a bath, feeding, giving lullaby, or potty training.

On the other hand, some people have disagreed point of view at this case. They believe some of the materials of full body silicone baby are harmful. It means not safety enough to be given for kids as a doll. However, the similarity between this model and the real baby could bring some cybercrime that is potentially bothering the entire human’s life. The unappropriated person could pretend to do kidnapping activity and ask for some ransomed. But, however, the benefits and the disadvantages from this human’s invention still need people’s logic and awareness. By limiting the bad effect, it still helpful for human’s life if people support this condition by doing wisely.

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