Best Car To Buy In General

By | September 20, 2016

best car to buyPurchasing car requires commitment because it will be the vehicle that is used for the daily journey. If the car is not good enough, the owner will suffer greatly. The money for purchasing will be wasted even though the car is sold to another person because the car’s price is dropped slightly. In order to avoid such thing to happen from the first place, it is recommended to take a look at this list of best car to buy. It is quite helpful to be informed before purchasing a new car because the opinion can help anyone to finally decide the most useful car.

Best Car to Buy in 2016

The first car on the list is 2016 sedan. This car is great for anyone who loves car with a sporty impression. With its coupe model covered in metallic paint, the 2016 sedan is definitely the one that you should look for at the first time when choosing best car to buy. The only problem with this kind of car is obviously limited seats which only allow 5 people at most. Apart from that, this car is quite dependable for daily purpose. Another thing that should be considered why it is worth to purchase is because its price which is only around $18,000. Indeed, some sedan may go beyond $32,000 but it is definitely your call to take the one.

The next car on the list will be SUV. SUVs are versatile and they can carry more passengers than a standard sedan. Though they have the bulky appearance, it does not mean they look like a country car. Some of them are designed elegantly to run on the city road because of their chromium rims. SUVs are also famous for their fuel capacity and efficiency especially the diesel version. Priced between $20,000 up to $60,000, SUVs are obviously best car to choose for daily use. Formore detail information, please visit

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