Applying Chevy Silverado Wallpaper

By | October 10, 2016

Car WallpaperAlthough the desktop background is less important, but sometimes the desktop background to be an expression of feelings or the computer users can also decorate the display windows 7. Therefore, we can change with cool Chevy Silverado wallpaper if our mood is different every time. Changing wallpaper, me us not bored to open our laptop and get ready to make a business there. Theorem, you will be always excited when opening the laptop or computer.

How to Change the Desktop Background with Chevy Silverado Wallpaper in Windows 7

Maybe for some people, it would be easy, but if we do not know how to change it you will be confused how to change the desktop background in Windows 7. First, click the right click on the desktop. Then click Personalize. Then, a new window will appear as in the second picture. Choose a theme according to your choice. After that, it will automatically change in the image. If it fits, then please close that window. Enjoy your Chevy Silverado wallpaper that has been changing.

How to Change Desktop Background in Windows 7 with the alone figure? If you want the wallpaper or theme you want with your own pictures, of course, it could. As a first step, please click the right-click and select Personalize. The new window appears, please click on the desktop background. After you click, it will come out a new look. If you have a folder with a batch of images, you can click browse to select a folder. After you select a folder, then click OK. It will show the whole picture in the folder. You can uncheck or check the picture you want. If you have selected Chevy Silverado wallpaper, then click save the change. Then you will automatically have new wallpaper with your own choice. Enjoy your new wallpaper with cool car picture.

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